Life Lessons

by Aftermath

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Everyday I wake up it's the same fucking question. How did I end up here, how do I deal with the pressure? Pressure to succeed in this life of fucking agony, day by day, month by month, tragedy, tragedy. At one point in time we were the best of friends, next thing I know you're all going in. I went down a different path, was the only chance I had, every time I see your faces makes me so fucking mad. Now I use my fallen friends to keep me pushing through the stress. I know it's what they want from me i just don't know what comes next.
So you wanna know? You wanna know what its like? To take a walk in my shoes, To see the view from my eyes? Bet you stumble. The life I live is far from yours, You never had cops knocking at your front door. That was the struggle for kids like me, but if i didn't where the fuck would I be?
Dear momma, I wrote this song for you. Without you in my life I don't know what the fuck I'd do, I'd probably be on the streets, or maybe in the pen. Shit without you I might of ended up dead. You were a single mother, who never had it easy but you still managed to make ends meet. From one job to the next, you always did your best to provide for the family. You made me the man I've come to be, no matter what, ill give thanks for what you did for me. But the biggest lesson you always taught me was be a leader and you will see.
Kept it real from the jump But not you, you're nothing but a punk. Put on a front with your crew Caught you alone and you didn't know what to do. Real recognize real, for some people they don't even know how that feels. This is a way of life, everyday is just a constant fight. and though I do regret things that I've done, standing up for what I believe isn't one. You gotta keep it real with yourself, cause in the end that's all that fucking counts.
How can I cope when there's no hope for this world with its opposite growth. Death, decay, rot, and corrosion, day after day another explosion. Libya, Syria, even the US of A, everything is there and is put on display while they put on a front like it didn't happen that way. The world is fucked with us along with it. Weeding us out as if we are pigeons. It's not just here it's everywhere, falling apart , but have no fear? That's what they tell us, to keep our mouths shut, those who talk and accuse the corrupt. It will end soon and it wont be pretty, i'm telling you now so don't look for pity.


released October 10, 2014

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Ian Bates.


all rights reserved



Aftermath Waterbury, Connecticut

4 piece band from Waterbury CT

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