Devoured by Guilt

by Aftermath

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I could never wrap my mind around it, just like I couldn't wrap the noose around my neck. Nine years of pain, nothing more. I could never see it before; not so blind now. Open my eyes, heard my cries, saw through you like I did your lies. Picked up myself, just to lose my hope, lose my pride. You tore apart my whole fucking world. How could a father inflict such pain, just the thought punching holes in my brain. Looks like I'm just like you, I'm turning into you. Determined to kill, determined to kill you. Step to me once again, it'll be your end. Step to me once again it'll be your fucking end. All I have, are regrets. Nine years wasted, not a thing has changed. I'll kick in your fucking brain. Me vs. you, you're ended. Me vs. you, it'll be your end.
Is this how you wanna be remembered? You're better off dead, You can think straight, you can't think at all. You lost your head, out of your head. Mad as hell; won't take this anymore. I am the forgotten, I'm still here waiting. Waiting for you to make a move, to show your face. No breaking the cycle, we've been here too long. Evil prevails; everything that shines must die.
Heads or tails, flip the coin, choose your destiny. Everyone here, filled with animosity. Times are changing, new names, new games. A whole life, filled with pain. Mind trick, get your head in check. You'll never learn, stepped up to the plate, just to fall. No one is innocent, you are not innocent. Break your peace of mind with a kick to the head. Fuck what you said. Six feet under, that's where you'll find me.
To be or not to be, what's expected of me. One of the many questions you left here, haunting me. Broken boy, broken home, lost souls can only roam. I watched you rot from the inside out. Cold heart, black ice, as many faces as a dice. Changing day to day, lies and deception leading the way. We were here for you, you fucking left. Your time has come and gone. Kids I'd take a bullet for, I'd rather put a bullet in.
Can you look into these eyes? White lies filled the lines, somethings are meant to burn. The season are changing, nothing here is left for me. Day to day its all the same, nothing here is right for me. Life full of agony, life full of misery. No matter what I do, I'll be here burning. This is an end of an era. This soon will pass. There's no hope, no hope for you. Evolve. Look to the sky, burn your eyes. Pick of the pace or you'll get left behind. I'll catch you slipping.


released May 27, 2013

Recorded, mixed, and, mastered by Ian Bates at the Manor.


all rights reserved



Aftermath Waterbury, Connecticut

4 piece band from Waterbury CT

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